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Our speakers are mental health professionals dedicated to inspiring change. Get in contact with us today and let us help your group!

Mental health services shouldn't  be limited to only those who venture into a counseling room! Green Ribbon is dedicated to promoting healthy communities through education & advocacy

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Green Ribbon in Schools

Let us educate and inspire your students! We have various, evidence-based programs that are aimed at promoting healthy behaviors in the classroom 

Our Programs

  • Beating the Blues in 50 Minutes: A Guide to Overcoming Depression 
  • The Stop Bullying Campaign
  • Let's Talk it Out: Family Communication Training
  • Prom Season: Drunk Driving and the Cost of Drugs and Alcohol
  • The Dangers of Hard Drugs
  • Families: How to Cope/Support a Loved One Battling Addiction 
  • Veterans Coming Home: Understanding PTSD

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Green Ribbon is comprised of a team of mental health professionals who are experienced at leading educational seminars and trainings.

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Over 17 million Americans are affected by some form of Depression. 80% of those who seek treatment improve their lives.  

Approximately 160,000 teens skip school EVERY DAY because of bullying.

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Harassment and bullying has been linked to 75% of school shootings.

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An awesome lesson in the power of kindness! Being an passive bystander should be a practice of the past! These Arizona football players show a little compassion goes a long way. #stopbullyingnow

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